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Progress is good

The year has started well, but getting good discussions going is still hard. I find it so difficult to shut up and stay in the background. But yesterday one of my classes had a great discussion, and it was a … Continue reading

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First days

It has been a fun start to the year so far. One of my goals of the last couple of years has been to keep moving away from the lecture-based style I inherited from my time teaching college math and … Continue reading

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Math Teachers’ Circles

I’m excited about the prospect of a Math Teachers’ Circle getting underway in Albuquerque. I don’t think I’m giving any secrets away by saying that there should be one starting in the spring. A few days ago I sent out … Continue reading

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Mountain of the Day

Whenever I feel like it, I might make a short post and link about a mountain I particularly like. Here’s the first one: Pigeon PeakĀ in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. (Also see the Wikipedia article.) I’ve never climbed Pigeon, … Continue reading

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Bloggers shouldn’t be shy about self-promotion, correct? Well, here’s a link to my YouTube videos. They are not a bit like Dan Meyer’s videos—they’re not intended to be springboards for or records of rich discussions. Instead, I recorded them in … Continue reading

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Starting it up!

Tomorrow is the big day—first day of school. I know some of you after-Labor-day-starting folks probably think that’s pretty weird. But here in New Mexico we get the ball rolling in mid-August. I’m excited to: Do a “Mad Lib” to … Continue reading

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Free Will

I promised a bit about philosophy of mind and related topics, so here’s my first post on that subject. For now I’ll actually just link to the paper (free-will-2008-updated) I wrote a couple of years ago on the subject of … Continue reading

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