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Examples of posting online content

I’ve been putting a lot of content online, so I thought I’d share four examples, using different technologies for recording. Mostly I’m posting mini-lectures that the students watch as part of their homework, to free up more class time for … Continue reading

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More responses to “Math is not linear”

Picking up where I left off… Now looking at the “What Can I Do?” section. “Go on tangents”: I agree that occasional purely random tangents are fun and worthwhile. But on the whole I prefer being able to make meaningful … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “Math is not linear” by Alison Blank

We looked again, in a department meeting, at Alison Blank’s Prezi Math is not linear. I thought I would write down some detailed point-by-point reactions/responses. I’m very sympathetic to the piece overall, so the following is not meant to be … Continue reading

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