Cool numbers

I’ve had a lot of ideas for video series lately, too many to actually record, but one idea I’ve pursued a little lately is “Cool numbers“. The idea is to have as simple a “hook” as possible to get one thinking about some area of mathematics. So for example, my latest series is entitled “Why -163 is a cool number“, and leads the viewer through some basic algebraic number theory to discover why -163 would be instantly recognizable to an algebraic number theorist as a significant number.

That series, like most of my videos, does not require a particularly advanced background; in this case, just a (very) little familiarity with complex numbers and modular arithmetic.

I’d love to someday have videos about “Why N is a cool number” for all 🙂 numbers N. Or at least a lot of them. But maybe I’ll get tired of that particular device. In any case, I’m open to suggestions about what cool numbers to focus on in future videos.

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