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Northwest Adventures

On a non-mathematical theme, here are some pictures from Washington (and, soon to come, British Columbia). I’m up here for a conference but I’ll be doing hiking and climbing as well. The conference is at Islandwood, on Bainbridge Island, which … Continue reading

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More Motivated Analysis

As of today the course is up through Part 30, which gets us most of the way through Handout 8. (Note: I edited Handout 8 a bit to streamline it and move some technicalities to the To-Do List–which we will … Continue reading

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Motivated Analysis–Current Status

The Motivated Analysis course is up to 7 handouts and 27 videos as of September 14. Pretty soon (I hope) the course will get to a few exciting waypoints: Proving Duhamel’s Principle in a general setting, using distributions and convolutions Pinning down … Continue reading

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Motivated Analysis Progress Report

My Motivated Analysis course is up to 13 16 videos and 4 5 handouts. Click on the black bar above for the home page. Feel free to comment here if you have responses, questions, or suggestions; of course you can comment … Continue reading

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Starting an extensive new video series/course

I’m planning to start a new video series, or really, an informal online course, entitled Motivated Analysis. The goal is to bridge the gap between applications-oriented courses in analysis (mostly differential equations) and theoretical courses, and to show how modern … Continue reading

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Adela’s math puzzle

Time to brag on my 7-year-old. Adela has been thinking up math problems for me each night. Tonight it was the following. Start with a number, say 2, and do all four operations on it: 2+2=4, 2*2 = 4, 2-2 … Continue reading

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New math prize announced…is it a good thing?

Courtesy of Not Even Wrong, we have news that in addition to awarding a $3M prize to superstring theory founders Green and Schwarz and giving out a number of similar prizes for biomedical research, Yuri Milner is teaming up with … Continue reading

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